• simple and nutritious - gourmet daily meals

    This first offering is coming up soon!

    It will feature a personalized 7-day meal plan with detailed daily instructional videos on meal preparation (10 - 15 min), along with a handy shopping list included.

  • Building a Strong Foundation:

    Develop Nutritious and Nourishing Eating Habits for Sustainable Lifestyle Change.

    In the near future, we're preparing to provide ever growing library of extended educational videos tailored for individuals seeking to shift their eating habits towards a sustainable lifestyle change.

    Our content will cover a range of topics such as cooking techniques, batch cooking, flavor development, raw gastronomy, and more.

    Additionally, we'll explore the rich culinary traditions of Armenia, Bulgaria, and the Mediterranean region, infusing them with health-conscious, modern twist, while offering tips and insights for your fulfilling culinary journey.

  • Our goal is to empower you to become skilled home cook and impress both your guests and family with your culinary creations.

    We believe that you don't have to endlessly scour the internet for daily meal recipes. By learning some simple cooking techniques, flavor development and how to trust your taste buds, you can cook and create meal combinations without relying on specific recipes.
    This will allow your creativity to shine in the kitchen, letting you craft dishes uniquely your own.